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Re: My visit at the NotaBene List - evangelizing vDos-lfn

Reply to note from "John Paines" 
(Redacted sender "vf200" for DMARC) Sun, 28 Aug 2016 17:15:08 +0000

> and now, with vdos-lfn, it's better (at least to my mind) than
> ever was under DOS or XP.

No question, John. The tightest integration ever with Windows or, if
you prefer, a cloistered DOS system walled off from the world. Not to
mention all of the excellent new features that we are enjoying thanks
to Wengier.

And printing is coming along nicely, too. I'm getting very nice PCL
output with with Kari's adaptation of the HP IIP Laser Jet printer
driver for Xy4. Here are samples of the scalable Speedo fonts:


Carl Distefano