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Yes, I have a couple of ideas.

1. Are you using BK=1? This feature is not supported on network drives. It
usually returns "Access Denied," but I wouldn't be surprised to have it return
"Path Not Found" in some circumstances. If you are using BK=1, get rid of it.
There is a note in the manual saying it doesn't work on network drives.

2. Are you using save drives (where you say C:;A: or some such thing)? If so,
you must re-set the save drive everytime you change drives or subdirectories.
If you set F:;C: and then change to a different subdir on F:, you must set
F:;C: again. This is to make sure that XyWrite doesn't look for the F: drive
subdirectory on the C: drive.

3. Are you using search drives? This is a very tricky Novell feature, much like
the DOS "append" setting. It tells the system all the places to search for text
files, much like "path" searches for executables. Unfortunately, Novell does
not tell the application software where it got the text file from, so the
application (XyWrite) doesn't know where to put it when the user saves or
stores. Because of this lack of information on Novell's part, we cannot support
search drives.

If none of these ideas seem like possibilities, we will probably need to do a
detailed analysis of your setup. We have a Novell network in-house, and haven't
seen this problem (because we are careful about the 3 conditions discussed
above), so I am confident that we can find what is going on with your system.

And by the way, it would be possible to write an XPL program to prohibit saving
or storing without a file name. Basically, you have to trap every command the
user executes (not as hard as it sounds), and make sure they aren't trying to
do a save or a store. If they are, you intervene and force them to include the
filename (or you grab it from the open file--VA$FP). Technical Services can
write custom programs for you, but there is a charge.