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You were saying that your USB connected LPT port is USBLPT:, or something
like that. This is a newbie thought/idea, but would entering

printf ,LPTUSB:

work? (I don't know if printf queries DOS/Windows to know if the port name
is valid or not.) I always used the printf command due to being on networks
at work, and it was just easier.



On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 08:05:38AM +0100, Alan Heubert wrote:
> Thanks, Harry. I did try that, successfully, after a fashion. The problem
> was that it was dreadfully slow. Do you know if one can adjust the port
> parameters so that it's anywhere near as fast as a parallel connection? (I
> didn't play more with this because it would be awkward to give up my serial
> port for this.)
> Alan
> At 09:36 AM 11/3/00 Friday, you wrote:
> >>Is anyone aware of a way in Windows 98 to redirect output from one LPT:
> >>port to another? Here's my problem: The parallel port on my (out of
> >>warrany) notebook computer is broken,
> >
> >If your printer will also accept serial input, as some do, you can print
> >from your serial port, COM1, by fiddling with the DOS Mode command to
> >assign LPT1 output to COM1.
> >
> >Harry Binswanger
> >hb@xxxxxxxx
> >