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Re: Strange files...

Reply to note from "Patricia M. Godfrey"  Sat,
07 Jan 2006 15:52:17 -0500


>>BX dos/nv/x/z /c ren d:\XY4\BTFONTS\AUTOSAV?.TMP AUTOSAV?.SAVQ2 ;*;
>>BX dos/nv/x/z /c del d:\XY4\BTFONTS\*.TMPQ2 ;*;
> Neat. I may try that.

Don't! I realized that REName will fail if the new filename already
exists. But a COPY command would work; it would overwrite any
existing AUTOSAV?.SAV files:

BX dos/nv/x/z /c if exist d:\XY4\BTFONTS\AUTOSAV?.TMP copy
BX dos/nv/x/z /c del d:\XY4\BTFONTS\*.TMPQ2 ;*;

BTW, if you launch Xy with a BATch file, that would be a logical
place to do this kind of housekeeping -- before loading Editor.

> Another wrinkle is that if you're having a problem and
> debugging something, you might want to see what .TMP files Xy
> has created and look at them. So the line in STARTUP.INT should
> probably ask if you want to delete them first.

Naw, you don't want to be answering questions every time you start up
Xy. That would get old VERY quickly. I, for one, can't imagine ever
needing to inspect one of Editor's swap (.TMP) files. Have you ever
actually done so, in your decades as a XyWriter? I haven't, except
out of idle curiosity. And if you ever do need to, it's a simple
matter to comment out the line that deletes .TMP files, and restart

Carl Distefano