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Re: Drive Image--OT

On Jan 8, 2006, at 2:58 PM, J R FOX wrote:

DFSEE supports a lot of USB, but not firewire. I
haven't heard of *any* cloner program that supports
firewire. BUT, even if one did, there is probably
another problem, in going the internal --> external
route. A friend of mine used DFSEE to do this, over a
USB connection. He tells me it took about 8 hours !
(I don't know the size of the HDDs involved.) So, for
jobs like this, USB may not be nearly as fast as we
had been led to believe.
Since this is an OT topic, fwiw, i bought my wife a 7200RPM 60 Gb
harddrive (one of her Christmas gifts, am i romantic?) to replace
her 30Gb 4200RPM harddrive that had all of her applications and data.
I put the target drive in a laptop hard drive enclosure, connected it
via firewire, and using Superduper copied the entire source drive.
The software then made the target drive the bootable drive. I turned
off her laptop and replaced the source with the new target drive.
Everything has worked fine and was all complete in just over 30 minutes.
Granted this is a six year old Apple Powerbook, and I (nor my wife)
knew all the specific's of how her hard drive was partioned (other
that the entire drive was partioned for use), she is up and working
and has a 30GB 	drive to use as a backup via hardrive.

Sorry, Mac OT observation, fwiw,