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You can reverse your screen by turning the monitor upside down. Since this is a
feature of your hardware, XYQUEST Technical Services regrets that it cannot
officially support this feature, and warns you that you run a very great risk
of seeing your words fall into your lap if you try it. We suggest that you save
your file before turning your monitor upside down.

Have you looked at the REC commands? If you use counter 0 to print chapter
numbers, and place an i.d. inside the counter, you can then Refer to Counter at
a later place. For instance:
   F5c0 newstuff
 puts a chapter counter in text, with the i.d. "newstuff" inside it. Then later
on, when you want to tell the reader to check out that particular chapter, you
say " Please see chapter {triangle} for more information. The {triangle} is
made by doing this:
   F5rec newstuff