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Re: Quark and XyWrite

This link may provide some help and/or understanding:

Until last year, we too used a customized version of XyWrite with Quark
XPress. Then we switched to Word (ugggh!). We did virtually all our
formatting in Quark, anyway, but XyWrite was and is the best for wordslinging
-- and we were able to translate boldface and italic from XyWrite to Quark.

This may be risky, Bill, but have you tried placing the old Quark 3 converter
in the new version's XTG folder? It just might work. If it doesn't, you can
dump it.

Jeff Seager

In a message dated 3/24/2000 12:24:48 AM Eastern Standard Time,
CLDistefano@xxxxxxxx writes:

> From: Bill Troop 
> Subject: Quark and XyWrite
> Quark 3 had a primitive XyWrite 3 converter which
> I have found handy but I just discovered to my
> shock that Quark 4.1 doesn't have this converter
> any longer. Is any substitute or 3rd party Quark
> Xtension available that will do the trick? Any other
> tricks to suggest?