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Dear Sysop, I missed the earlier part of the threareferred in msg#
6045, in which Alfred Law suggested to place Startup.Int, Sig.Exe and PCLEXAM.*
on the ramdisk; which other files are best copied there too--
Sig.Mnu, and what else?

In addition to the several questions in my previous message, two new ones:

1. Does "New VA Settings" in the MTT manual indicate that these are the newly
added variables, to the existing list, or that anything not on the list will be
phased out? In particular, as va$ws now is a subset of va$ms, will va$ws
continue to be supported?

2. We had earlier discussed mandatory keyboard input in dialog-box/mouse
settings. Another example is the yes/no verification for deleting a file in
the directory management function in the "File" menu. Recognizing that
verification is generally a useful feature, could an "OK" field be added to the
box to indicate "Yes", vs. "Cancel"?     Thanks.