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Decoding and Mozilla (was Re: Enter Key / Selection by cursor)

Robert Holmgren wrote:

I think what you want to do -- what I do anyway -- is find out where Mozilla
puts the raw POP files. Pre-Stack that location in STARTUP.INT, e.g.:

$S ;*;
<==func "$S "

Note the "y" in "dyr" (frame "DYR" has a conflict with another
framename "DIR",
unfortunately). When you want to DECODE a file, tweeze the above command out
of the Stack (with a Hint), hit , and hit "D" to put dir display in
Date order: the latest Email should be at the top, and "CA" will be on the
CMline. CAll the pertinent file. Command "t1310" to regularize
line-endings (10 ==> 13/10). Command "DECODE" as many times as
necessary (one DECODE required per stanza of XPLeNCODE -- if there are two
different XPLeNCODEd programs in the Email, separated by plain text, then you
need to DECODE twice). And Done.

The file containing my raw POP files for this account has a size about 100 Megabytes. Then, it's impossible to edit it in XyWrite.

Alternatively, do "Save As" within Mozilla, and put the one POP file you want
in your normal XyWrite directory, then do "DYR", "D" in XyWrite (POP
file will be first in the listing), CAll, etc. as above.
This is the right way. I have to save the message in .EML format and
then no problem to decode it properly. But, if I save the file in .TXT
format, the file is not properly decoded. In my first (and failed)
attempt, I had copied the encoded frame via CLIP to XyWrite. I suppose
it's the equivalent to save it as .TXT file. Anyhow, the problem is
Thanks to you and Carl for your suggestions.
Best regards,
Manuel Castelao