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Re: "The Best Software...."

Sam Martin:

>You may not need your old ".pif" files, if you give Windows 98 free rein
>with *lots* of RAM to manage. I think 128 has become fairly standard, but
>I doubled it to 256. . . . Windows 98 itself is a mess and easily crashes
>when non-MS applications are running. . . .

Joe, if what Sam Martin says is true, and if you think Win98 is best for
you, skip it and instead use Win95. Unless you're Nathan Sivin (or *want*
to make Win95 crash, which is easy), Win95 is easily stable enough for
personal use. And you don't need 128MB of RAM, let alone 256MB: for months
I was satisfiedly using it with a 486/133 and just 16MB RAM; I'm now
contentedly using it with a 586/166 and 32MB RAM.

NB: (i) I have no personal experience of Win98; (ii) I don't want to
dissuade anyone from using Linux, OS/2, NT, BeOS, Plan Nine, NeXT, etc. etc.
Peter Evans