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Off topic: Online Store | Weird page design effect

[This is decidedly OT, but since we have several New Yorkers on
this list, I thought I'd inquire here.]

I like to get a personal recommendation from a good source,
&/or check out Gomez, Bizrate, and Epinions, before placing
an order with a vendor that is totally unfamiliar. But
sometimes the name does not produce any hits at the
ratings sites.

{If you want to see something pretty neat, go to
http://www.computergiants.com   and pass your mouse cursor
over their logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
I have no idea how (or WHY) they are producing this effect,
but at least you can prove that I'm not hallucinating.}

Anyone ever heard of this Co. ? Their selection appears
formidable, within their area of specialty, and the prices
are very low, but they look to me as if they might be another
outfit in the vein of 47th. St. Photo. If you bother to check
out their Returns Policy, it might rank among the worst I've
seen. (But maybe you have to do that, in order to have low
margins.) They are not on the radar screen of any rating
service I checked.

I'm asking because they had one of the best prices, per the
search engine, on an item I was interested in.