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Re: VMWare player

Dear Paul,

It is most definitely a matter of how you do things. VMware is good at
running heavier operating systems like XP. Hence the mix of guest
operating systems affects one's preferences as to the virtualization
platform of choice.

In my own setup, I am leaning more to the opposite direction of what you
describe as the vision of things to come. Let me explain a bit. I could
perhaps see myself using Windows 7 64-bit in the remote future, that is
when it is no more actively supported, as the host without actual
internet activity relegating these activities to a current Linux virtual
machine. When I used extensively a Win 3.1 virtual machine for Xy and
Windows 3.1 programs like Quark, I used to think that all key activities
needed to be in a virtual machine. That meant struggling with old DOS
utilitites to maintain this environment, and trying to find
supplementary programs for the Win 3.1 environment like text editors
(16-bit TextPad 3.2.5 excels in this arena). Now that I am less
dependent on Virtual PC 2007 DOS/Win 3.1., I find myself editing certain
things on the host from within VirtualBox W2K and outputting the results
directly to the host system for FTP transfer, etc. While virtual
machines need to be complete and maintained like any other operating
environments, there is rarely the need to use, e.g., only the W2K
environment to accomplish tasks.

As a matter of policy, I think the parts of the system that are under
attack by viruses and other malicious activities should be in a
dispensable virtual machine acting as a buffer. They should never be the
core components of the operating environment. The current design of
Windows is flawed. Having a browser that is deeply intertwined with core
components of the operating environment is a poor design decision.
Modularity and isolation of exposed components should be implemented.
Windows has a long way to go to qualify as a mature operating system. It
needs a complete overhaul. Win10 is not the solution, something better
and radically different is needed.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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