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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

Carl Distefano wrote:
Naughty Tbird. You need a little XPL macro that CAlls the mail
file, or REads it, or MErges it into an Untitled file, or maybe that
just does a DIR of the directory where Tbird stores those files. Easy, once you know the directory location and the file naming
Unfortunately, Tbird stores the WHOLE inbox in one huge file. Unless one deliberately does File->SaveAs, and assigns a name. Not just today's inbox, but every e-mail I've received and haven't deleted since I started using the app on this machine. Another piece of reeking offall!
(And if I don't purge it periodically, it gets too big to open in
Xy--esp. when some people insist on requoting every previous post in
the thread, in formatted HTML to boot).

Patricia M. Godfrey