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Re: U2 version 119

... Make sure you SAve the REG file after you inspect it.

How does your REG file look? For example, near the top, where it says
"Comspec_W{yourOS}=" does it have a proper filespec pointing at your command
processor? I would guess it should say "C:\WINDOWS\system32\CMD.EXE"...
that's exactly what it says.
It occurs to me that I should add to the README.HTM instructions that, just
before RUNning REGCFG.PM, you should LOAD the new XYWWWEB.U2!
MmmHmm. Also indicate somewhere that README.HTM is the former
I should also probably add a few words to the effect that REGCFG.PM *normally*
issues a lot of File Not Found or Device Not Ready "errors" during the course
of looking for files - meaningless stuff. Unfortunately, those messages can't
be suppressed, "alarming" though they may seem (I can't both redirect output to
a file and send STDERR msgs to the NUL device).
All you need is some kind of be-not-afraid notice about what to expect.
Another thing that hung me up was REG-READ.ME. It opens fine in
Xywrite, but can't be printed under XP. Can't be opened as-is in
Notepad; renamed REG-READ.TXT, it opens in Notepad and prints
with the highlighting and blinking expressed as a lot of code
clutter (and one absolutely hilarious note, not visible in the Xy
version, seems to read "XyperLink -- does nothing!").
REG-READ.TXT can be re-renamed REG-READ.ME, but it seems to
remain a text rather than an ME document.
What is cURL? I suspect that I personally don't need it, but its
website is not particularly informative.
Oh, and now I've just discovered that I can no longer use st on
the command line to store a file. Instead, a query about whether
I want to overwrite appears at the cursor location in the text
and Xywrite freezes and has to be closed using external means
(toggle to windows, right click XY on task bar, chose close,
insist to windows that I really do want to close Xy). I've
reproduced this several times. I can get out of an Xy file using
ctrl+s and then AB on the command line, but who wants to do that?
And each time I open Xywrite now, there's an x on the right side
of the status line even before I open any files.

Can you or Carl shed any light on this?

Thanks to you both
Judith Davidsen
Robert Holmgren