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1A - Thanks

According to the hellp [sic] copy file, it shouldn't matter which
side of the filename the /a switch is on viz:

  "/A   Indicates an ASCII text file. When the /A switch
      precedes the list of filenames on the command line,
      it applies to all files whose names follow the /A
      switch, until COPY encounters a /B switch, in which
      case the /B switch applies to the file whose name
      precedes the /B switch."

But it does matter.

copy /a file1 file2 /b    file2 contains 1A eof character
copy file1 /a file2 /b    file2 does not contain 1A

Thanks Annie and Robert for pointing out the proper syntax.
And thanks Robert for the bogus file trick - it overcomes the
overwrite prompt of the copy command - neat.