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Re: Using Xywrite III on a Mac with Parellels Desktop

Larry Rosenberg wrote:
I've been using XyWrite III since the mid-80s, recently under Windows ME, which supports DOS applications, in contrast to subseqent Windows operating systems.
Win 2K and XP DO support at least some DOS aps. With Xy, there are problems of jerky keyboard response on SOME (not all) W2K and XP systems. Not that I would discourage anyone from dumping Redmond Rubbish, but let's keep the record straight. And do consider upgrading to Xy 4, which offers many useful improvements over III.

 I am now considering switching from a PC to
an iMmac or MacBook (Intel Core 2 Duo). Does anyone have experience with using Parallels Desktop to simulate MS-DOS or Windows ME on a Mac in order to run XyWrite III? Are there any problems one should be aware of?
  Thank you in advance for any help with this.
  Larry Rosenberg
See Michael Norman's post (on the Xy Archives) of Dec. 9 2006 on the
display. He found Mac displays lacking. So look at them in stores,
don't just order from the Web or mail. Screens are a very personal
thing, and only your eyes can say what you're going to find acceptable
or not.
Patricia M. Godfrey