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At 12:36 PM 12/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Not exactly a XyWrite question--and perhaps just shows
>ignorance of Win95, which I'm new to using. In DOS, I had a
>utility (PCED) that would start up XyIII+ and send stuff to
>the command line and execute it; I can't get that utility to
>work in a DOS box within Win95; but I'd still like to start
>up XYIII+ in its Win95 DOS BOX and automatically send stuff
>to the command line. Any ideas about utilities that would
>do that?
>Very many thanks--and happy holidays--
I'm not sure I get what you want. Couldn't you either a) have the
commands that you want at the end of startup.int, or b) create a .bat
file that launches Xy with what you want?
In regard to (b), you could have a special startup.int that would sit
on your hard drive with a different name (say, special.int) and have
the batch file begin by renaming startup.int to save.int and
special.int to startup.int, then launch xy, then undo the renaming
after xy is finished). There is also a "keystack" program that comes
with 4DOS that may do exactly what PCED did.

If this doesn't do satisfy your needs, give us some examples of what
you want to do.

Merry Xmas,

Harry Binswanger