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Re: Using XyWrite with XP OS

Obviously, you can use the
built-in laptop screen plus one external monitor simultaneously,

Yes, that's what I do.
 which (on my
system) yields identical views of the Desktop (or the maximized|fullscreen
foreground app) on both screens; but I didn't think that was what you were
talking about...
No, it wasn't. Keep that set up but go to display/properties/settings and
the drop down box under "display" should give you the option of "multiple
After this hurdle, how do you go about dividing the Desktop real estate in
half, or assigning apps to a given monitor, or -- what do you do? I've never
attempted this. It seems to me that if you have a big external, say 21", with
high resolution around 1400x1050 or more, you can comfortably display multiple
apps without surrendering 4 feet of desk space. But it's an intriguing idea
Maybe one large is as good as two mediums. I don't have a 21" monitor, so I
couldn't say. My laptop monitor is 15" and the external is 17". In terms
of square inches, the two monitors give me 108 + 145 = 252. With a standard
4:3 aspect ratio, that is the equivalent of a 23" diagonal screen, if my
math is right. (Actually it's complicated, because the aspect ratio on the
external monitor is not 4:3.)
The built-in laptop monitor is set at 1280 x 800, and the external at 1280
x 1024--that seems to make the best appearance, even though the two
resolutions don't match.
As to where to deploy the various windows, that is settable for XY, run as
a PIF: right-clicking on the title bar of the open Xy window gives you
Properties/Layout/Window Position. I always have Xy open in the right
monitor, otherwise, I just take things as they come, and drag them around
as I wish.

Harry Binswanger