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Switching in and out of fullscreen dosemu session?

I used to use XyWrite fullscreen under OS/2 but for a variety of reasons
gave it up. now I have been playing around with it under dosemu, where
it works handsomely, & hoping to tweak it.
is there a way to shell to the Linux desktop out of XyWrite the way I
used to under OS/2, using RH's superb SW.CMD? standard dosemu way to
return to the desktop is by invoking Ctrl-Alt-F to switch between
fullscreen and windowed sessions -- which okay, but adds a couple of
steps. I suspect it's not feasible -- if I start a plain old dosemu
window, resize it to fullscreen, and hit Alt-Tab, it simply beeps
instead of switching from the VGA console -- but just wonder if anyone
knows for sure.

-rafe t.