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Re: U2 version 119

You have predicted exactly what happens, so we are both talking
about the same thing.

Robert Holmgren wrote:
** Reply to message from Judith Davidsen  on Mon, 09
Jan 2006 00:41:34 -0500


Another thing I'd like you to do (just to verify that we're both talking about
the same thing):

Create a DIR display of the kind you've described, where the cursor can
"disappear" below the bottom of the screen. Type the command "FUNC MU" on the
command line -- don't execute it, just put it there. Position your cursor at
the top of the screen and the beginning of the DIR listing. Now CursorDown one
line at a time until the cursor drops out of sight. CursorDown a few more
times -- say, five more times (assuming that there are at least five more file
entries in the DIR display). Now hit your XC key (F9 maybe?) to eXeCute the
FUNC MU command. The screen should start displaying the "disappeared text",
one line at a time. After five or six iterations of FUNC MU, your cursor
should appear -- does it? Keep doing FUNC MU until your cursor appears.

Have I predicted the behavior here correctly? Or is something entirely
different happening?

Robert Holmgren