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Re: Query

Dear Carl,
With my limited knowledge, the beauty of XyWrite is that it will work with
any thing.
Since 1986, I upgraded from old 88 processor, 286, 386, Pentium, and now
even on my laptop Pentium4 Sony with windows XP as operating system, I
always copied xywrite into a directory I call editor on the C drive.
Since it works from DOS, I had no problems with it.
So my guess is get any machine, it will work. I bought my daughter a second
hand small laptop ( Dell Pentium 3 processor, and windows ME operating
system for only 300 quid), created a directory for her and copied Xywrite;
it works fine.
I copied the editor.exe file into an icon on the desk top so she can click
on it, and a dos window ( full screen) opens and the xywrite takes her to
her writing directory.
But I must add, I do not do fancy things with it XyWrite ( you can also copy
what you wrote to another fancy programme document?).
Since I mainly file to newspapers and so I just copy the file into an email
and I send it ( either Eudora, or if I am working at some news room using
their machines ( as I am doing now at the BBC) I use Microsoft outlook
I also have the basic working files ( which are about 16 or so ) of Xywrite
( copied from the atex version in 1988) on a 3.5 inches floppy disc and also
on the new memory key disc ( USB attachment disc) and carry it in my
briefcase. When I am working shift at media newsrooms where they don't have
Atex ( the Telegraph and the Mail where I work regularly still use atex), I
just create a directory on the hard disc of the machine I use through dos,
and I copy my XyWrite files into it, and I do my work on it, and transfer
it again ( it only takes a few minutes) and the time is worth it, as I am
more comfortable with XyWrite, and also the less we give credit to Bill
Gates and his evil empire, the better.


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> The following was received from a long-time XyWrite user who has
> just signed on to the list:
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> I have a 1991 IBM PS 286, equipped with
> Xywrite. I am looking for a newer (probably still
> used) computer, but I want to keep using Xywrite,
> because 1) I have a lot of writing already in it,
> which I don't want to have to retype 2) I like Xywrite
> over Microsoft Word as a writing program. I like the
> blank screen with a ruler at the top, of Xywrite,
> rather than a screen cluttered with distraction.
> I need to know what kind of computer can read my
> 1991-version Xywrite discs, and print from them, and
> run either that 1991 Xywrite or an updated Xywrite if
> I can get one, that still has a mostly-blank screen.
> This would also be a computer capable of Internet
> access and email (which my 1991 IBM PS 286 is not). I
> would like to get a (used) laser printer to go with
> it.
> Would an IBM 486 work? Would a Pentium 2 or 3?
> Where do I find answers to these questions?? Can you
> direct me, where to look?
> Thank you.
> Kathryn Stout
> kathrynwrites@xxxxxxxx
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> Carl Distefano
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