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Re: Global Subroutines II

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, David wrote:

> > EG2: I can't go back to a DOS version of XyWrite because I need to be
> > able to send faxes thru the Windows operating system.  >  >
This is NOT meant to be an item in the OS wars--I've refrained. But, I
> routinely use XyDos to send faxes through my OS/2 Faxworks
> italics and everything. (One simply tells Xy to print to LPT3
using an > HP LaserJet prn file).

So do I. And the Faxworks program automatically comes up,
kicking XyDOS into the background, when XyDOS is finished
printing to LPT3. What could be easier, other than having the
fax know where it's going and sending itself?

Marv Katz