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Re: New XyWrite release

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995 kfrank@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I am a little perplexed by some of the comments regarding
XyWin's load time. I > can understand where it pertains to
older machines, but I timed it last night > on a 75mhz pentium
and it was up and waiting for a command in just under 7 >
seconds (Xy4 took a little about 4). I can't imagine that would
be a problem > for anyone. On a machine like the one Harmon
Seaver describes, it would be > substantially faster still.

Some of the time difference, of course, would depend on how many
fonts each user is loading at startup. After I ordered some
additional fonts from Bitstream a couple years ago and installed
them, the loading time increased markedly (of course, that was
on a 16MZ 386SX, too). So I deleted most of them, and some
others too, and copy them back only on the infrequent occasions
when I need them. On my Pentium 75, XyDOS loads in less than
five seconds.

Marv Katz