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Hard hyphens

To Jack Shafer:

>> I am vexed by the hyphens from some WordPerfect 5.1 files
>> that are actually 2D in hex and appear as ^2D when
>> converted to XyWrite and flowed into Quark.

It's easy to change 3-byte hard hyphens to regular 1-byte

In XPL (I'm using Holmgren's XPLencode to "textify" the code):

[BX_]ch [255+50+68] -[Q2_]

where [255+50+68] represents the 3-byte hard hyphen (usually
obtained by holding down Ctrl-Alt, or some other shift-key
combination, and pressing 4,5)

The keyboard file equivalent is:

nn=BX,c,h, , ,[255+70+70],2,D, ,-,Q2

where nn is the key code and [255+70+70] represents the 3-byte
Ascii-255 character (usually obtained by holding down Ctrl-Alt
and pressing 2,5,5)

Carl Distefano