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K-Mac's problem...

With regard to K-Mac's problem:

Maybe I'm just lucky. Without any bother, I imported a XYIII+ file of 117
000 words into Word 6 under Win95. It was a novel, which which sounds just
like your typescript - barely more than double-spaced 64-character lines,
etc. I opened it as a .txt file, did a bit of panel-beating in Word 6
(italics here and there, plus letting Word 6 format it as a manuscript,
which included a running header) then saved as a .doc file and emailed it
off. I had a similar experience converting to Wordpad, during an ill-fated
attempt ("Read a novel in Windows...") to market fiction on 'stiffies.' If
the formatting isn't too abstruse, your text should come right, if you're
prepared to do a little panel beating in the target word processor.

Tom Learmont