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Re: log files in NB?

I wrote the log routines for both Xy4DOS and XyWin. They're both strictly XPL routines executed from within the menus. There's no internal code that's dedicated to the routines other than some Windows hooks that Tom D. put in so we could capture window size and location. The XyWin routines were, if memory serves, quite kludgy. There was no way to freeze the screen while stuff happened, so it tended to look messy while executing. I wouldn't be surprised if the NB folks had a look at it and said "yuck." The DOS routine, OTOH, was cleaner and a bit more elegant. It has less to do, but it does include capture and recall of logged-on directory, filename, window size and location, display mode, cursor location, save/get contents, delete buffer contents, and probably a couple of other things I can't remember off the top of my head. The routines grew out of a pair of stand-alone routines (Snapshot and Album) I wrote for XyIII+ and sold as part of the Xyquest partners program a year !
 so before they hired me.

You could try to write a similar routine for NB, but my advice would be to limit the features and
then add new ones gradually. I started out with just the files and cursor locations. It took many
months to get the XyIII stuff to work as I wanted, and many more months adding features to the
Xy4DOS iteration (and debugging them).

You may conclude that NB was wise to dump it!

Tim Baehr