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Re: log files in NB?

"Richard A. Sherer" wrote:

> I've been working with Nota Bene for a month or so now, but I miss one
> feature from XyWrite and haven't been able to find its counterpart in NB
> 5.004: the log option, CTRL + L which allows you to create a session log
> for later use. So far, after fruitless exploring in NB's help files, I
> haven't found any analogous command in NB. The best I can do is go to the
> FILE menu and reopen the windows listed at the bottom one by one. Has
> anyone discovered an equivalent to XyWrite's log command in NB, and how
> does one use it?


Well, that's not a feature I really am familiar with, although I vaguely
recall reading about it once in the good old printed Xy4 Dos manual.

But: I have on my XyWrite backup directory the original default keyboard file
that came with Xy4 for DOS. (Called XY4.KBD)--a keyboard file I have, of
course, since then highly customized. I called it up, searched for
table=ctrl, searched for 38=

and beheld:


I then did the same thing with:
nbwin\users\default\xywrite.kbd and found this in that table=ctrl


So! The capability is there, somewhere, but they have commented it out of the
keyboard file for some reason, as indicated by the semicolons in front of the
number 38. I believe if you delete the ;-; from in front of 38=, then reload
the keyboard, and then try the command, something that you might find to your
liking may well occur. OTOH, it may simply provide you with an error message.

I would have tried it myself but I'm not quite certain what it might do, and
I have an 80K text file, and its accompanying notes file, and a directory
open just now, so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't wish to play with a
function I'm not majorly familiar with just now.


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