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a number or a few

	Do not ask Morris. Sure enough he will go off at a tangent, off topic, out
of context and be irrelevant.

	Brian is right - "number of things" should be "a few" or just "few".
	But to be pompous, I could have used numerous, myriad, multitude and
	Then I also like words such as resplendent, effulgent, quintessence,
grandiloquent, all-encompassing and premptive.

	Now I am Off on a Tangent in My Craft of Spacethought.

	Touch typing quickens the mind and silently gets it talking. Like a
pianist, typing is the best way to co-ordinate the brain with the body.

	When you can accelerate the speed of your typing so that your mind becomes
electric, you will forget at times to use the abbreviation for a word or

	As life is a study of one's own consciousness, it is for the individual to
create his own religion, philosophy, custom and tradition by discovering
truth for himself from the realities and ethers of life

	Rinse thoroughly the internal membranous tract so the exhilarated mind can
experience magical moments of golden consciousness. (This is what the
amazing science of Hatha and Raja Yoga taught three thousands years ago
which is still valid today and is in effect life's greatest teachings).

	A little birdie told me to type on those cranky Remingtons and Royals
almost 50 years ago and since then it has opened endless doors, channels and
entrances culminating in uniting with the XyWrite brotherhood, the internet,
the world wide web and printing books on a Riso Digital Printer while
watching TV. In those far off days we had no calculators, electric
typewriters, electronics was in its infancy though it was rearing its head
with radar and as for micro-chips they were not even a dream, so we had to
use our minds to add long columns or work out mathematical problems. Has
this spoonfed age increased our thinking capacity and taken much drudgery
from the workplace, or is it in a sense a step backwards in the advancement
of thought.