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Re: upgrade?

Rene von Rentzell asks about the XW clipboard. The Windows clipboard is
designed to be universal. Any right-thinking Windows program will write
to it, so if you change to another program, you can paste from it. The
*real* gurus may give a more adequate explanation, but in simple-minded
terms, XW (like XY) uses some odd combination of its own private
clipboard and the Windows one. You can't copy back and forth freely. If
I copy a piece of text in XW, I can paste it into Wordpad. If I then
copy something in Wordpad and switch to XW, when I paste I get the old
XW snippet, not the new Wordpad snippet that is in the Windows
clipboard. What matters most to me, I can't use in XW any utility that
saves everything sent to the clipboard and lets you choose (I prefer
Yankee Clipper for Win95).

Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
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