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XyWrite for OS/2

 On CompuServe, Ken Frank is soliciting specific suggestions about how XyWrite
for OS/2 might take full and creative advantage of the features of OS/2 and the
Workplace Shell. They already have an OEM version of XyWrite for OS/2. That
OEM is trying to convince TTG to release it as a product. There also is
internal pressure from XyWrite programming staff, who really want an OS/2
version to be on the market. With that backdrop in mind, Ken Frank is in
"convince me" mode. If you have any specific suggestions, implorations, or
just plain have a desire to see XyWrite flirting with the future (for once...)
rather than playing catch up in the Windows market, please let Ken Frank know,
by phone, by mail, by fax, or by CompuServe. I don't have their telephone #s
and address, but here is the CompuServe information.

 Kenneth Frank, President
 The Technology Group
 CIS ID 70413,2455

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