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Thanks for the information. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know much about
memory fragmentation. This subject came up when we were trying to debug a very
buggy program from a 3rd party supplier, which was very flaky in handling
memory. He had set it up to unload not only dict.spl, but personal spelling
dictionaries, the printer file, etc. to give his program enough room to run,
and to load them back when he was done, but we noticed that on some occasions
the program would only run once. It would crash the second time around. We
learned that all the loading and unloading of memory was causing problems. We
fixed it by unloading and loading fewer things (just dict.spl), and it seemed
to run more smoothly. It's as though when XyWrite reloaded those things it
fragmented memory and the next time we shelled out to DOS nothing worked
anymore, even though the memory menu often showed more memory than we had