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$10 Words, Etc.

To Jack Shafer:

Re "Overusing $10 Words": There's a routine for Xy4 and XyWin in
(SMARTS24.ZIP) called REPEAT, which may be of interest. REPEAT
analyzes your XyWritten text for repetitious words, including
grammatical variants and similar-sounding words. A report
appears in the adjacent window. It lists repetitions occurring
within a proximity that you can specify, and
*quotes* the text spanning the repetition, so you can see
immediately whether there's a problem. If you want to JuMP back
to your original text to see more, there's an easy way to do
that, too.


I think the BBS software is just fine. It ain't broke, so....
One feature of the BBS that I sorely miss here is the ability to
attach a file (esp., an XPL program) to a text message. With
this in mind, I turn ...

To Nathan Sivin:

... and ask, Is there any way that files can be attached to
messages addressed to the Group? (This may be asking too much, I
know. But it's sooo terribly tedious to convert "textified" XPL
into the real thing and vice versa.) Or do we have to direct
such files to a separate location? If the latter, could you
remind us what that location is? Thanks.

Carl Distefano