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Re: Global Subroutines II

Tim: I too want to thank you for posting your globals reference,
and hope you'll pursue the project. We're blessed to have someone
who helped write dlg here and willing to take the time and
trouble to unravel it. My attitude about dialog boxes and menus
makes the info no less valuable to me. To get SD capability,
e.g., I recently distilled a lite.dlg. Your reference would have
been a help then, but is a welcome addition now to my \x4\tbaehr
Any clue to xy4 mysteries is welcome anytime.

"Without clearly-declared and universally-accepted 'safe zones',
especially in the 01-99 range which we've been led to believe is
available for general use, any hope of a more structured XPL is
doomed. This is the issue that
Robert and I address--to the resounding silence of the XPL
community, but never mind--in REORGaNiZe (REORGNZ2.ZIP, which
includes CHKSEQ)." --Carl

I think the kind of cooperative standardized approach that Carl
and Robert propose is difficult absent a common reference. I
suspect that the absence has resulted in a situation where all
too few know xy4 intimately enough to engage in an informed
exchange on user standards. While XyQuest xpl documentation was
shameful, at any point after "XR" was published a thorough
reference was available in one place and users not well-grounded
in xpl could catch up. Xy4 xpl documentation is strewn all
over--the manuals; that set of supplementary files TTG issued a
few months ago; stuff that you, Carl,
Robert, and other folks have contributed to the upenn server as
well as in msgs posted to the list; \x4\tbaehr; no doubt another
trove can be found at the TTG bbs (I don't call bbses long
distance, nor do I expect ever to use the OS sio153.zip
requires). Trying to bring order to it all ... oh, well. I have
no solution, but am grateful to you for trying to enlighten users
in a systematic way. A noble impulse.

"EG2: I can't go back to a DOS version of XyWrite because I need
to be able to send faxes thru the Windows operating system" --Joe

I suggest that folks who responded to this fragment of Joe's msg
review what he wrote and consider whether preoccupation with
their OS has begun to affect their reading comprehension.
You--Tim--did, however, inquire about xyDos and faxing not long
ago: If my fax traffic were heavy and not mostly graphical
I'd hasten to buy Delrina's dosFax Pro. If you can live with its
two TSRs, dosFax is quite serviceable software. The dosFax 3 Lite
that was bundled with my modem uses Epson fx85 drivers for
sending; viewer is same as the winFax image. And the altogether
excellent winFax has a TSR that allows receipt while working in
dos. You must load Windows to process received winFax files or to
send. Windows fax apps are of course abundant, but nobody asked.

========================== annie fisher  nyc