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Ibid, Etc.

Allow me to add my name to the list of inquiries about IBID/IBID PLUS and

a) I removed ORBIS froL
 my computer... it never worked very well, and slowed XY4 to a crawl.

b) I never received IBID PLUS, which I paid for a year ago. I called TTG
×J?üabout six weeks ago, and they said "Shipping by December." I called TTG
twice this week, and got "ALL OPERATORS ARE BUSY... leave your number, etc etc
etc." I left my number and name, and nobody has returned my calls.

Does Xy4 ver 4.015 solve the speed problem with Orbis?

Will IBID ever ship?

Does anyone give a @$#$@#$@# about us 10 years patrons of XyWrite?

Answers would be appreciated.

Steve Crutchfield (202) 219 0444