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Re: Drive Image--OT

Robert wrote:
I think the answer to 2) is Yes (assuming that you are restoring "itself", i.e.
the same drive); but 1) is the issue. Drive Image is the one that is (or was)
made by PowerQuest, right?

 Does it boot its own operating system the way PQ's
Partition Magic does?

 If so, it may be capable of restoring the image -- what
do the docs say??

Can't check any docs now--am in L.A. for the next 2 months.
 Surely they have some way of managing this situation,
otherwise what's the point?

But if you're just restoring an older "image" (set of files) from your current
system, why can't you use Windows' native Backup/Restore util to "restore"
everything from the Firewire drive, with your current system up and running?
Replace all files on the same drive?

What is it that you're trying to achieve here, and *why*?
I'm trying to protect against a situation in which I can't use my regular
boot drive, the one permanently there (soldered in?) inside my laptop.
Suppose I have to re-format the drive to get rid of a virus. Or say the
drive turns into a brick, but I can buy a replacement drive of the exact
type designed for this laptop and put it in (or get HP to do that). In
either scenario, formatting C: or replacing C:, I thought a drive *image*
would allow me to reinstate the status quo ante by doing a
sector-for-sector copy of the image back to the virgin C: drive.

If it doesn't, what do others do?

Harry Binswanger