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Re: U2 version 119

Patricia, thanks for weighing in.
Are you running Xy in full-screen mode ((i.e. your XyWrite screen occupies the WHOLE of your physical screen, and none of the various Windows desktop thingies--icons, start button, Tray [lower right], toolbars--are showing)?
That's right. Command line, staus line, ruler. Nothing else, not
even borders.
Or windowed (with the rest of the desktop visible around it)? The reason this is important is that I strongly suspect a hardware problem, and when you're running full screen you are, IIRC, more dependent on hardware than when running in a window.
I did some experiments yesterday, and what I found was that everything
worked fine when I was running Windowed (my normal MO), but when I
switched to full-screen, though I didn't get your results, when I closed
Xy the whole screen went BLACK. Clicking in various areas caused
rectangular patches to reappear, and I probably could have brought the
whole thing back that way, but I elected to reboot. So if you're running
full screen, try switching to windowed mode (rightclick the shortcut
with which you start Xy, find the screen tab, and check Window) and see
if that alters things.
I followed your instructions to choose windowed mode and got a little xy box on my desk top, where the same problems occur: 1. If I call a directory to the text area, the cursor disappears below the bottom of the box (the cursor can be used to CAll a file from down there, but there's no way of knowing what file it will be.) 2. If I manage to call a file from such a directory and STore it using , choosing y from the overwrite query on the resulting black screen sends me to the blank blue page (my normal background color), this time not with the broken jiggly cursor that I can move around, but with a flashing red flat cursor--more like a 1-em dash--that can't be moved.
I don't know if it matters, but if I call XY from the desktop
shortcut, I get the box, but if I call it from Start---->Run, I
still get full screen, without changing the properties back to
full screen.
ON Wed., you said:

 >>I haven't changed settings.dfl from 80/50 to 80/25 coincide with
the default changes made from the desktop shortcut..<<
On Thurs, Robert responded with instructions to change settings.dfl to 80/25, and I did. Didn't make any difference.
I'm not quite sure what you mean there, but (and if I'm wrong on this, someone pleae correct me) I have NO SL= setting in settings.dfl, because the Customization Guide says not to use one with "any of the standard 25-line displays"--which is what we're emulating by setting Screen Length 25 lines in the Pif. So comment that out and see what happens.
Doesn't help. (I commented out with ; which is how all the comments are commented out in settings.dfl, and when that didn't make any difference, I used ;*; No go with that either.)
Weird thing, though: If I call settings.dfl and do absolutely
nothing with it but ST or AB, I can scroll all the way to the end
of any long directory and files store properly with
ST--but only as long as I stay in that session. If I
quit and start a new session, I'm back to the problems; so I
call and AB settings.dfl and everything's fine. This is both
infull screen called from start--->run and the box called from
the desktop shortcut.
Which keys are you using to move the cursor? Those on the Number Pad (with NumLock turned off)? Or those on the other set to the left of it? Or is this a laptop? On some keyboards it does make a difference.
It's a laptop, T50e, dedicated cursor keys on the lower right.
Unfortunately, hardware, esp. display adaptors, can create issues. Recall the great double-cursor carfuffle last year: it proved to be endemic to certain Dell laptops; even Robert couldn't get rid of it on one of his. Back in the days of DOS on 486s, I had a mixed ISA-PCI Mobo with an old ISA VGA adaptor. Xy would crash whenever I had more than 2 or 3 files open. I was on the phone with TTG tech support innumerable times, and we couldn't figure out why. Then I got a PCI VGA adaptor, swapped it in, and the crashes ceased instanter. I don't suppose you know what make and model VGA card you have, and how much RAM it has? Mine is an Nvidia Gforce 2MX 100/200, BIOS vers., with 32 Mb of RAM; you should be able to ferret all that out from Device Manager in Control Panel.
Device manager says my display adaptor(s) are Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller. If this is not what you are talking about, I may be able to find the information on the Lenovo site.
Looking back over my emails this week, the ST  problem
showed up right after I installed U2v119, and my inability to
scroll beyond a certain point in directories started after I made
sl=25. (I'd rather not go back to sl=50 because the typeface is

Thanks again.

Judith Davidsen