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I have installed the new version of STACK and I am suffering problems
under W2K.
1. There is possible mistake that users must avoid. The STACK.DOC states:

Step 6. CAll STARTUP.INT (XyWrite for DOS) or XWSTART.INT (XyWrite for
    Windows), and CoPy the following line into your .INT
    file below the "LOGIN" command:
JM stack.intQ2;*;
If I put this line exactly below the "LOGIN" command and before loading .U2 and the rest of essential files, XyWrite crashes. Obvious. So, after debugging the problem, I put STACK.INT after loading U2, HLP, DLG and MNU files. Only a doubt remains: STACK.INT, after or before "2.GetXyOS" ? 2. In my daily work, I combine the use of command line and XyWrite menus system. Then to activate some options in menus, if I modify the Enter key (following STACK.DOC), I have to use now Shift+Enter to activate those options. But, sometimes, I forget to use Shift+Enter and I press only Enter. Is it possible that my stability problems could be originated by this mistake?
Manuel Castelao