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RE: MSWord Print

You might try the font called Dark Courier, a True Type font available from
the HP website. It gives the dark Courier print that DOS fonts used to give,
but in a Windows environment.

David Hackett

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From: Michael Norman
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Sent: 1/13/2002 5:40 PM
Subject: MSWord Print

Though this is slightly out of the list's ken, some of us in MsWord
work in XyDos and Word and often to expedite things print short docs
Word. I have an HP Laserjet IIIP and in XyDos Courier prints dark and
clear. In MSWord, the same font (Courier New matches the XyDos courier)
prints much lighter, as if the DOS courier has a bit of bold to it and
MS courier does not. I've tried changing the printer settings --
downloading fonts alternately as bitmaps and graphics, increasing the
intensity of the graphics setting and so on. Can't get the MsWord
either the Courier New or the monospaced plain courier, to print dark
the (bitmap is it?) courier that came with XyDos. Any ideas?

Michael Norman