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3+/4 screen fonts in Win98 [was: MSWord Print]

This thread gives me some hope. Ever since I moved my Xy3+ to a Win95
(now 98) machine, I have been frustrated by the limited choices of font
for screen display. The drop-down menu at the top of the window gives a
choice of sizes for two fonts -- one a clunky, always-boldface (to my
eye, at least) roman, tiring for more than a few minutes' work, the
other a very thin sans serif with small caps that are almost
indistinguishable from l.c. Full screen looks worse, and seems to offer
no options.

The recent exchanges about what fonts to use sound great, but I don't
have a clue about how to apply new fonts to the XyW window. I'm still
far more comfortable with 3+, but would consider switching to 4 if it's
easier to substitute the fonts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.