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Re: Laptop keyboards

Reply to note from Patricia M Godfrey  Sat, 10
Aug 2002 10:17:59 -0400

> Does anyone recall, and have a copy of (if it still works) a
> little freeware utility that would read the scan code of any
> key one pressed?

U2 command SCAN does just that.

> one of the things I love about Xy is the ability to total a
> column of figures using that function. Or should I try
> assigning that function to another key combo?

Why not? The relevant funcs, of course, are SM to add the number
under the cursor and DT to dump the total. Or you can issue FUNC SM
and FUNC DT from the CMline. Command CLRSUM clears the total.

For cursor multiplication and division, the CMline is impracticable
because the relevant function, MT, takes an argument. For that, you
really do need to assign keys: nn=MT* and nn=MT/.

Carl Distefano