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Re: Laptop keyboards

Patricia M Godfrey wrote:

> Does anyone recall, and
> have a copy of (if it still works) a little freeware utility that would
> read the scan code of any key one pressed? I had a copy once, but it
> seems to have gone glimmering into the Ewigkeit.

Yes, there were a few, such as KEYS.COM (not to be confused with any of the "Dot
Bombs"), which I believe were part of the PC Mag. "DOS Power Tools" utility set.
I'm sure I still have a lot of that stuff, here in the dusty archives. Of course,
you'd need to run it from DOS, possibly real DOS. When it comes to doing low-level
stuff with hardware, esp. diagnostic stuff, it's still pretty hard to beat good ol'
DOS. I think the AMI-DIAG suite is still DOS-based, and the best hardware sniffer
util. I have (a fairly recent version, btw) still is. So, don't toss out those
DOS-7 boot disks !

I know that jumbo .U2 has a keycode Scan frame, but I mention this just in case
there might be some circumstance where you can't get the info you need from within
Xy, running in a Win DOSbox.