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Reverse-order printing [Was: Printers/XyWrite 3+/OS2 v3]

** Reply to note from pienciak@xxxxxxxx (Pienciak) Sat, 11 Jan 97 23:00:53 EST

> ... these inkjets are crazy, they print
> the pages out backwards, ... the instruction to change
> the print order is not working, at least for me.

> I noticed an XPL program--BACK.PGM--on the TTG BBS and it
> works great for a single open file. I wonder could I use
> that program for chain printing, or is there something
> available in the alternative?

I forget about Xy3+, but in Xy4 you just issue TY with an /RV (Reverse)
argument, and your job is printed (quoth the manual) "so that the first
page is on the bottom of the stack and the last page is on the top." Isn't
that what you want? But even without, isn't this just a collation problem?
Most H-P lasers have a way of opening a back door or flipping a plastic
doohingy that reverses the pages.

Robert Holmgren