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Re: DesqView and XyWrite

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, harmon seaver wrote:
> >   But, you see james, by your own admission, you were
playing with a > defective computer, and the IBM tech support
had no way of knowing that, > and consequently had you doing
things to no avail, or quite possibly > things which further
compounded the problem. > No, the computer was working until
something blew. And the modifications were standard ones for my
particular motherboard--a green board with AMI bios. The techie
didn't even need to hear symptoms before he offered those
changes. The keyboard.sys problem took longer to figure out--but
that, too, is a common problem. The beta testers had identified
that problem months ago, and they updated the file. But,
inexplicably, they shipped Warp with the old one, which doesn't
work with some configurations.