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re Bug alert / re contest

Tim: I'm a *very* inexperienced xyDos 4 xpl programmer, but after
working on a port that needs BXes mixed with visible operations
my analysis of BX is that:
   * BX leaves cursor where it was when BX was issued and
   * BX effectively is BC/DX ( B[C/D]X )
Thus, when shifting from a BX operation to one that uses the
display, to prevent unwanted consequences--depending on where the
cursor should be for the next instruction--insert:
   DO GH or
   DO GT

... That said, I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your
flattering recognition of my !B all-block-operation xpl pgm.
Thank you. But !B was v3 xpl that I said specifically wasn't
entered in the contest! Should I consider this a moral dilemma?
 Typically, I decided to evade dealing with that by immersing
myself in a xyDos !B.XD4 port (the program I've been working on
that I mentioned above). I owe Carl and Robert bigtime for help
getting my v4 installation up to basic functionality and some v4
xpl basics under control.
Nonetheless, it's taken a while, not just because debugging v4
xpl is so frustrating with little or no documentation, but
because I kept tweaking
!B.X3. Much torture-testing of code and my patience.

One breakthrough made it all worthwhile: I worked out a way to ch or cv a
*v3* block. An imperfect simulation--at times may overshoot the
block by one instance, or fail to convert one at the end of the
block. But when finished the block is highlighted and the change
$ is still on CMline, so a discrepancy is easy to spot and fix,
and it beats no v3 block convert at all by a country mile. I've
used it so often since I wrote it I don't know how I lived
without it--not that I didn't always want it.

Both versions are now finished--v3 and 4, after the cursor is
moved to the intended end of block, one more keystroke executes almost any block or
@save/get operation--and documented. Thanks again, Tim.

Nathan: I'm emailing the above to you (two XXencoded files) for
your disposal.  --A

========================== annie fisher  nyc