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#109697-#Reloading XyIII+ Memory


The potential Superkey-Xywrite which I found may be related to the compression
problem which we've also reviewed. Briefly, if the statement:

bc dos /c [path]/keydes xywrite/ml

was included in the STARTUP.INT file, my system would crash when I tried to
reload the keyboard after making an editing change. However, with the

\util\keydes xywrite/ml

in the autoexec.bat file, the system would not fail. This whole problem may be
obviated by halting compression. I loaded the auto-macro late in the loading
process to insure that Xywrite would not be influenced by any hangover macros
that could have been invoked for another application. But that problem can be
dealt with with a syn w*p sequence in DOS which reloads editor.exe and and the
Superkey opening-screen killer.