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Re: URGENT--features for "XyWrite 5," replies needed

There's a lot to be said for that position. The advantages of 
The Program Formerly Known as Xy5 (now Xywrite Mode of Nota Bene)
are many--if we can get it working well:

1. Regular undo; no limit on how many levels of undo.
2. Unicode support (I think!)
3. Effectively, no memory limits for programs or file size.
4. No need to run inside a virtual machine (though vDOS makes this painless).
5. Better wildcard search and replace (fewer or no "wildcards must be in same order" error messages)
6. Windows fonts, colors, printer drivers (runs essentially like any Windows program in that regard).

I am paying the "front money" out of my own pocket. I expect
to be able to recoup in whole or in part by selling to anyone
interested one of the 10 or 20 free copies I will be given
for that purpose. So you needn't risk any money. If there's a
product you want to buy, then I'll be able to sell it to you
until (if the day ever comes) I use up my 10 - 20 copies.

On Wed, 9 Jan 2019 at 22:59, Kari Eveli <lexitec@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is already there, and it is free. The solution is the vDosPlus
XyWrite installer (http://www.lexitec.fi/xywrite/vdosplus501_setup.zip).
The new Xy 5 may prove to be a good program, but it will hardly be
totally compatible with, say, Xy 4. Instead, what I least hope for are
new features like Unicode and more flexible memory support. I would
think that the integration is now as good as it can get. So it would be
foolish to ignore what we have accomplished in the vDosPlus solution. It
is the most compatible and easiest solution for running the real thing.
Windows hosts are supported from W2K to Windows 10, different solutions
exist on the Mac platform (Boxer, Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or Oracle
Best regards,
Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)
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> I just found this email, and am quite interested in getting a version of
> XyWrite that works as the old XyWrite worked in Dos.  I was expert in Xy
> 4 with xpl but gave it up due to the impossibility of integrating it in
> my always changing work environments that were always changing (Mac,
> then Windows, etc.).