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Re: URGENT--features for "XyWrite 5," replies needed

Many thanks Kari.

I will l try it out.


On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 1:59 AM Kari Eveli wrote:

> Jay,
> It is already there, and it is free. The solution is the vDosPlus
> XyWrite installer (http://www.lexitec.fi/xywrite/vDosPlus501_Setup.zip).
> The new Xy 5 may prove to be a good program, but it will hardly be
> totally compatible with, say, Xy 4. Instead, what I least hope for are
> new features like Unicode and more flexible memory support. I would
> think that the integration is now as good as it can get. So it would be
> foolish to ignore what we have accomplished in the vDosPlus solution. It
> is the most compatible and easiest solution for running the real thing.
> Windows hosts are supported from W2K to Windows 10, different solutions
> exist on the Mac platform (Boxer, Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or Oracle
> VirtualBox).
> Best regards,
> Kari Eveli
> LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)
> lexitec@lexitec.fi
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> Lexitec in English: http://www.lexitec.fi/english.html
> Home page in Finnish: http://www.lexitec.fi/
> > I just found this email, and am quite interested in getting a version of
> > XyWrite that works as the old XyWrite worked in Dos. I was expert in Xy
> > 4 with xpl but gave it up due to the impossibility of integrating it in
> > my always changing work environments that were always changing (Mac,
> > then Windows, etc.).