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Xymode NB or NBX screenshots web page

I thought we should have a better subject line for discussion of the
new program, and I think XyWrite mode for Nota Bene is about 2 light
years too long (Steven at Nota Bene says it can't be called "XyWrite 5").
So it's a choice among:

Xmode NB

Using XyNB or NBXy has the virtue of intelligibility, but will be
meaningless to the non-XyWrite world (if we care about them).

"NBX" is the most natural and falls most trippingly off the tongue. 

I hope you noticed that the screen shots I posted showed me calling
the file by entering this on the command line:
     ca long filename with spaces.xy
I didn't even have to use quotes.

The place to go to see screenshots is now: