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Re: Xymode NB or NBX screenshots web page


It think XY refers to spatial coordinates, so logically both letters
should be present. The original idea was to be able to fill the blank
page by giving appropriate commands in both directions in a simple way.
As XY was present in XyQuest and XyWrite, it might be worth preserving
as a historical reference. (Another candidate could be XW which has been
also used). But I would suggest: NB-XY (which could be interpreted as
NB's XY mode), the hyphen stresses the double nature of it and pays
respect to NB's true origins.

Best regards,

Kari Eveli
LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)

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XyModeNB Xmode NB XyNB XNB NBX NBXy Using XyNB or NBXy has the virtue of intelligibility, but will be meaningless to the non-XyWrite world (if we care about them). "NBX" is the most natural and falls most trippingly off the tongue.