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Re: URGENT--features for "XyWrite 5," replies needed

Perhaps someone has a list of Xy3 codes to compare with an Xy4 list. I remember seeing these lists
somewhere in the documentation, but I can’t be certain where, or lay my hands on it/them at
the moment.

I always believed that Xy4 could ‘understand’ all Xy3 codes correctly, but that it
used different some different defaults, added a few new codes, and defined page layouts in a
different way. In other words, I thought Xy4 could pretend to be Xy3 by using different defaults
and an exclusively Xy3-encoding keyboard file.


> On Jan 11, 2019, at 4:20 PM, Kari Eveli  wrote:
> Harry,
> Xy4 and subsequent editions have had the nasty habit of inserting all sorts of codes of their
own in the text which makes the kind of work I do impossible (so there should a least be a setting
that would preclude all non-Xy3 codes from appearing, that is some kind of filter should be
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>> You mean the MD+BO and MD-BO? I just tried it with MDBO and MDNM and it works fine. Is
there something else you see that's Xy4 only?